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Lose Weight on Your Child, Continue to Monitor Nutrition Intake

The prevalence of underweight or underweight among children under five in Indonesia shows an increase in the number of cases from 18.4% in 2007 to 19.6% in 2013. Based on the results of basic health research conducted by the Indonesian Ministry of Health above, 5.7% of cases of underweight in children under five are caused by malnutrition. While 13.9% of cases are caused by malnutrition. Indicators of nutritional status based on body weight index and age indicate a general nutritional problem that needs attention, especially by parents. In general, parents can recognize signs of underweight in children, that is, if they experience weight loss, their body does not get bigger after a few months, and the ribs are clearly visible from their bodies. However, these signs cannot always be used as a benchmark. Not to mention the influence of other factors, such as physical activity, metabolic disorders, diseases, genetics, and socioeconomic and environmental factors. The best way to find
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Thyme Extract (Thymo-T essence) Might Be Your Acne Solution

Acne is a skin problem that is often experienced by everyone. In addition to being a sign that there is a disruption in the skin, the presence of zits on the face is considered to interfere with one's appearance as bumps appear on the surface of the skin and the remnants of acne that have recovered at risk of leaving scars. For this reason, knowing the causes and ways to deal with acne you need to know and apply so that acne can be overcome properly. Acne that often appears on the face, neck, chest, back, and shoulders is a sign that your skin is experiencing inflammation. Inflammation that causes the appearance of acne bumps is usually triggered by excess oil production in the skin and a buildup of dead skin cells. Both have the potential to clog skin pores. Blockage is what causes bacteria to grow and develop, causing inflammation called acne. Other Factors That Cause Acne Excessive oil production is indeed a major trigger for acne. Even so, there are still other factors th

Activities that can cause joint pain and how to overcome them

Many daily activities that can unwittingly cause joint pain. The most common location for joint pain is the knee, ankle and around the shoulder. Learn how to care that you can do at home. Joint pain is caused due to an injury that affects the ligament tissue and tendons around the joint. Generally, joint pain causes pain in parts of the body that are injured, the severity and pain caused by joint pain varies from mild, moderate to severe. Causes of Joint Pain Various things can be a risk factor for joint pain, starting from unbalanced nutritional intake, excess body weight, increase in age, type of work, the influence of stress, to physical activities undertaken daily and the occurrence of injury can also affect the onset of joint pain complaints. The causes of joint pain itself are fairly diverse, but some physical activity can also cause joint pain such as: Stand for too long Standing for too long can cause joint pain, the article, the body support will be given in a long t

Various Causes of Shoulder Pain and How to Overcome It

Shoulder pain is caused by an injury or disease that attacks the joint area. Location shoulder pain generally occurs in tissue ligaments, tendons, muscles, joints and shoulder bones. If there is a disruption in the shoulder, it will limit the ability to move related organs such as the neck or arms, and trigger discomfort. Understand the Causes Based on the direction of motion, shoulder or shoulder joints are included in the group of bullet joints, which can move in various directions. This can make the shoulder easily injured. In addition, improper posture and several health conditions can cause shoulder pain. Stiff shoulders (frozen shoulder) This condition is also called adhesive capsulitis. Stiff shoulders are caused by thickening of the tissue that forms a protective capsule that sticks tightly around the shoulder joint. Pain due to stiff shoulders can make it difficult for you to carry out daily activities such as driving a vehicle, sleeping comfortably even for clothes.

Understanding Energy-Protein Malnutrition and its Risks

Have you ever heard of energy-protein malnutrition? Although foreign to your ears, this disease is quite often encountered. Energy-protein malnutrition or MEP is defined as an insufficient energy and protein intake to meet your body's needs. Do not underestimate this disease, because the article, energy-protein malnutrition can be experienced by infants, children, and also adults. Malnutrition or malnutrition is a common nutritional problem throughout the world. WHO or the world health agency estimates that around 181.9 million or 32 percent of children living in developing countries are malnourished or hungry, and about 5 million cases of child deaths under the age of 5 in the area are caused by malnutrition. Food provides the energy and nutrients you need to make you healthy. If you don't get enough nutrition, including protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals, you will suffer from malnutrition, one of which is energy-protein malnutrition. Causes and Types of